SOCCER @ 7000ft

Registration is NOW CLOSE
 for Fall 2021 Development

Scholarship may be available for some programs. Please contact the office for details. 



This is the Development League that plays (mostly) at The Downs at Santa Fe on Saturdays. All games will be at The Downs at Santa Fe except for U-11/12 games which will be at the MRC.  U-9/10 and U-11/12 teams may have one out-of-town game at either Los Alamos, Taos or Las Vegas.

The first practices will be held the week of September 6th. The first game will be on September 11th. There will be an eight-week season with all weeks being consecutive without interruption.

Our program is 100% volunteer-led.  Our coaches are all volunteers and we cannot un our program without them.  We are looking for coaches who can run a one-hour practice session during the week and attend a one-hour game.  Soccer experience is not necessary.  The club will provide equipment, practice curriculum, and coach education.  All coaches must pass a background check and complete concussion and SAFESport training online.

Please consider volunteering to coach.  At one time most of us played organized sports when we were young and our coaches were also volunteers.  Give back and volunteer.  Volunteering has never been more fun.

You may sign up to coach under the volunteer section of the registration.

Practice Schedule

U4/5 (4v4) -Tuesdays

U-6 & U-7 (4v4) - Wednesdays

U-8 (4v4) -Thursdays

U-9/10 Boys (7v7) - Tuesdays

U-9/10 Girls (7v7) & U-11/12 Girls (9v9) - Wednesdays

U-11/12 Boys (9v9) - Thursday

U-13/14/15/16 COED (6v6) - Monday

We reserve the right to change age groups by combing two age groups, changing gender-specific divisions to coed or make any other change that Rio Rapids Northern Soccer Club sees as appropriate to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to play.  There is a $5 non-volunteer fee.  This helps us secure services from private contractors for things like field paint etc.

Anyone who needs to use previous credits or would like to donate previous credit to the club may email Marco.Ortiz@NorthernSC.org.  We will provide a unique one-time use coupon code via email.



SELECT Program

This is our Select program that plays all games in Bernalillo.  All practices will be held at the MRC on Caja del Rio.

Our select program is a full-year commitment. 

All players will be required to order new uniforms. The new uniform kits for the 2021-2022 season will be good for two playing years.  The old uniform kits are not compatible with the new uniform kits.  The uniform kit costs about $100-$200 depending on the options you select.  Please order uniforms early if selected.

All tryouts will be held at the Downs at Santa Fe and will be one hour in duration.  Please check in 30 minutes before your scheduled session. 

Mon 6/14:

2011 & 2012 Girls:  5:00 pm
2011 & 2012 Boys: 6:15 pm

Tues 6/15:
2010 Girls: 5:00 pm
2010 Boys: 6:15 pm

Wed 6/16:
2008 & 2009 Girls:  5:00 pm
2009 Boys: 6:15 pm

Thurs 6/17:
2008 Boys: 5pm 

email Marco.Ortiz@NorthernSC.org if are interested in 2008 boys select team.

Our 2007 (U-15s) and older teams will be Spring only due to High School competition. 

Official workouts begin in August but your coach may hold workouts during the summer. Duke City (DCSL) play usually begins in the first week of September. 

Teams may elect to participate in tournaments in and out of the state.  Tournament fees are not included in the Select registration fees of $465 per season. 

Scholarship is available to families who make less than $50,000 a year that will be verified via 2020 tax return.


Northern Soccer is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization