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Registration for the SPRING 2023 Development Season is

Scholarship may be available for some programs. Please contact the office for details. 



This is the Development League that plays in Santa Fe on Saturdays. All games will be in Santa Fe U-9/10 and U-11/12 teams may have one out-of-town game at either Los Alamos, Taos or Las Vegas.

The first practices will be held the week of March 27th. The first game will be April 1st. There will be an eight-week game schedule.

Our program is 100% volunteer-led.  Our coaches are all volunteers and we cannot run our program without them.  

We are looking for coaches who can run a one-hour practice session during the week and attend a one-hour game.  Soccer experience is not necessary.  The club will provide equipment, practice curriculum and coach education.  


All coaches must pass a background check and complete concussion and SAFESport training online.

Please consider volunteering to coach.  At one time most of us played organized sports when we were young and our coaches were also volunteers.  Give back and volunteer.  Volunteering has never been more fun.
You may sign up to coach under the volunteer section of the registration.

Practice Schedule 

(5:30p - 6:30p)

U4/5 (4v4) -Tuesdays

U-6 & U-7 (4v4) - Wednesdays

U-8 (4v4) -Thursdays

U-9/10 Boys (7v7) - Tuesdays

U-9/10 Girls (7v7) & U-11/12 Girls (9v9) - Wednesdays

U-11/12 Boys (9v9) - Thursday

U-13/14/15/16 COED (6v6) - Monday

We reserve the right to change age groups by combing two age groups, changing gender-specific divisions to coed or make any other change that Rio Rapids Northern Soccer Club sees as appropriate to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to play.   

Anyone who needs to use previous credits or would like to donate previous credit to the club may email  We will provide a unique one-time use coupon code via email.



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