Rio Rapids Northern Soccer Club practices and plays on 3 different fields, The Downs, Eldorado, and the New Mexico Soccer Tournament Complex in Bernalillo.  Depending on which league you are playing in determines where you practice and play games.  Please check this page for game delays and cancellations. Scroll down the page to view current weather conditions at The Downs and our Lightning Policy.  

Field & Weather Hotline Number 505.982.6114.

There will be an automated message is there are any practice or game cancellations due to weather.



All Santa Fe DevelopmentAcademy and Select soccer practices take place at The Downs 27475 West Frontage Road, south of Santa Fe close to the 599 RailRunner station. All Development games and Academy home games will be played at The Downs.  




  •  Cars MUST be parked ONLY in designated areas– it is clearly marked. No parking on the access roads and certainly NOT on the far side of the Grandstand.


  •  NO CARS ON THE INFIELD. Certain club officials are allowed to bring 2 or 3 cars onto the infield, but all other cars MUST park on the infield parking.


  • STAY OUT OF THE GRANDSTAND. It is alarmed and we regularly get inquisitive kids venturing in there and scurrying off when the alarm goes off. The alarm has to be manually turned off the alarm.


  •  NO DOGS, NO DOGS on the infield or track. Only service dogs are allowed.


  • STAY OUT/AWAY from the ponds, and please do not throw anything into the ponds.


  • ONLY designated Northern staff may drive the Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV). When riding in the UTV seatbeltS MUST be worn. NO CHILDREN CAN RIDE IN THE BED OF THE UTV.


  • Walk through the tunnel NOT OVER IT.


  • No parking at the north end of the downs. No climbing through or over the fence on the north end of the downs.

El Dorado Community School

Players that registered for the Eldorado location will have all practices at the Eldorado Community School (2 Avenida Torreon).  Games will be played at The Downs.

New Mexico Soccer Tournament Complex in Bernalillo

Select program players play all games at the New Mexico Sports Complex at 1001 Tamaya Blvd. in Bernalillo.  Please see the Duke City League website for field maps, games schedules and parking information.  All cars are charged a $5 per day parking fee.  Cash only.